Straumann® Smile in a Box®

CHROME Guided SMile

Straumann® Smile in a Box®

Smile in a Box® is a high-quality guided surgery solution from Straumann®, a trusted industry manufacturer. This guided surgery option improves patient acceptance and allows easy access to digital dentistry without any upfront investment in equipment or software.

Whether you are faced with a simple, single-unit case or a highly complex full-arch surgery for an edentulous patient, Straumann® Smile in a Box® is a great option. All items you need will be carefully packed into a box and delivered on time for surgery. In addition, your patients will be highly satisfied due to the reduced chair-time and our immediate treatment protocols.


  • Improved Patient Experience
  • All-In-One Delivery
  • Simple Treatment Planning
  • Reduced Chair-Time
  • Immediate Temporization