Zeus Full Contour Zirconia

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Zeus™ Full Contour Zirconia

A Solution for Every Price Point

CAD/CAM fabricated to feature the most precise fits in the dental industry, our Zeus™ solid zirconia restorations are as strong as they are beautiful. These options are extremely kind to opposing dentition and allow for conservative preparation and cementation. Because our Zeus™ product line is virtually fracture-proof, they are an ideal restoration for bruxers.

Essential ZEUS™

  • Perfect for restoring function at an affordable price
  • Basic anatomy and characterization
  • Perfect for posterior restorations, indicated for three units or less

Classic ZEUS™

  • Solid zirconia balances esthetics with economic pricing
  • Advanced anatomy and esthetic characterization for perfect vitality
  • Enhanced internal and external staining
  • Suitable for both posterior and anterior, indicated for multi-units

Macstudio ZEUS™

  • Uncompromising esthetics for prominent dentition
  • Solid zirconia cutback and micro-layered with porcelain
  • Advanced anatomy and characterization
  • Enhanced internal and external staining
  • Suitable for both posterior and anterior, indicated for multi-units

Full-contour zirconia is so versatile, it can be used in almost any situation from singles, bridges with any combination of abutments and pontics, inlay bridges, Maryland type bridges and screw retained implants. Also an esthetic alternative to a PFM with metal occlusion due to limited space.

Contraindications include:
When esthetic expectations are high and it is important that the restorations match surrounding natural dentition or other existing restorations
If bonding is necessary to retain the restoration, bond strength is weaker and less predictable than other ceramics.

Shoulder preparation not needed. A mild champfer or a feather edge margin is good. 1mm buccal, lingual and occlusal reduction is ideal, but can go to .5mm in some areas, when reduction is limited.
Minimum occlusal reduction of 0.5 mm; 1 mm is ideal.
Adjustments and polishing: Adjust Full-contour zirconia crowns and bridges using water and air spray to keep the restoration cool and to avoid micro-fractures with a fine grit diamond. If using air only, use the lightest touch possible when making adjustments. A football-shaped bur is the most effective for occlusal and lingual surfaces (on anterior teeth); a tapered bur is the ideal choice for buccal and lingual surfaces.
Polish Full-contour zirconia restorations with the porcelain polishing system of your choice.

Full-contour zirconia may be cemented using a resin reinforced glass ionomer such as Relyx Luting cement. When a greater bond is needed do to the lack of a retentive preparation, use resin cement like Relyx Unicam or Relyx Ultimate.
Before cementing all Full-contour zirconia crowns, the interior surface of the crown needs to be cleaned with Ivoclean (Ivoclar Vivadent; Amherst N.Y.). This is critical in assuring maximum bond strength.

Solid zirconia requires a cast gold type preparation. If adjustments are needed, use zirconia specific diamonds and rubber wheels polishing with diamond paste.

D2740 Crown – Porcelain/Ceramic Substrate
D6245 Pontic Porcelain/Ceramic
D6740 Abutment Crown Porcelain/Ceramic